Face-to-face meetings can be extremely helpful in building client relationships. However, with today’s social distancing, they can be impractical. Building a working team operating out of staff homes, coffee shops or hotels can help you continue to improve communication throughout your company.

Photo of 6 remote desktop workers using a variety of listening, visualizing and speaking tools.


Our virtual conference desktop kits offer you the best technological hardware and software you need to conduct an inclusive and effective event.

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  • Lenovo T480 I5 16GB Ram 14” Laptop
  • 1080P Logitech C920 Webcam
  • 10” Ring Light with tabletop stand
  • Redundant 4G LTE Hot Spot for Internet
  • Zoom App Loaded
  • Desktop gooseneck USB wired microphone
  • USB 4 port hub
  • Pair of desktop speakers USB / 3.5mm

Special Kit Price

$495 USD Weekly – Nationwide Delivery & Pickup Included via Ground Service