Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop Computer

With Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop rentals from Vernon, you can access award–winning computer hardware to respond to the challenges your business faces. Think “ThinkCentre” when you need:

  • additional computers for contract or seasonal staff
  • temporary replacements while your equipment is being repaired
  • computers for software testing or training

With rentals from Vernon, you can get top–of–the–line technology on a temporary basis, helping you weather any storms that today’s business climate throws at you.



The ThinkCentre

First launched by IBM and continuing under Lenovo, the ThinkCentre line includes models suited to both small and large businesses. Here are just some of the many benefits of ThinkCentre technology:

  • world–renowned engineering excellence
  • a long history of technological innovation
  • reliable performance and durability
  • cutting–edge features for energy efficiency

Other highlights noted in reviews of ThinkCentre computers indicate that attention to quality and responsiveness to user needs are seen throughout:

  • smart security and backup features
  • lots of USB ports on the front and back
  • one of the best keyboards ever
  • excellent performance when running multiple applications

The bottom line? The ThinkCentre line is praised by reviewers for its solid design, versatility, energy efficiency and great performance.


Vernon: More Than Just Desktops

In addition to great ThinkCentre desktops, Vernon Computer Source offers rentals of all kinds of office equipment:

  • monitors – from standard–sized LCD monitors to large LCD and plasma screens
  • LCD projectors – ideal for staff training
  • copiers, printers, all–in–ones – color and black & white
  • servers – to set up parallel testing networks or as part of disaster recovery plans
  • laptops – for business travel
  • A/V equipment – for trade shows, conventions or business meetings

Because we know that office technology needs support, we offer customer assistance from start to finish:

  • our experts can help you select the right equipment for the task at hand
  • custom software loads
  • delivery across North America
  • integration and installation support
  • technical support by phone
  • “rent” a technician to come on site
  • takedown services

We also offer four ways to acquire equipment, including:

  • short–term rentals for days or weeks
  • long–term rentals for several weeks or months
  • rent–to–own to help you obtain equipment without spending a lot up front
  • purchases of new and used office technology


Fast and Flexible Service from Vernon

Vernon Computer Source is recognized for its fast, efficient and flexible service. When your business faces technology challenges, you can count on us to relieve the stress and come up with the solutions you need.

The next time you require additional computers for your staff, talk to us about Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop rentals. You’ll be glad you did.