You’ve heard of Brightbox as a charging station solution for events, but did you know that Brightbox offerings much more in the way of marketing for your vendors? Not only do the units provide digital signage opportunities in addition to paneling that serves branding purposes, you can also incorporate surveys & polls using the interactive touch screen on the InCharged Lockers.

Brightbox  Surveys & Polling

On each unit, you have a choice of up to three slides of survey fields available. The format can be customized to include single or multiple survey types, such as email acquisition, multiple choice questions, sweep stakes and other basic polling.

There are four options to choice from:

OPTION 1 – Survey

The Survey option gives you the ability to pose questions to the attendees who can answer either with Yes/No, or multiple choice. An example is below:

My company uses a CRM system:

  • Yes
  • No

My company uses the following CRM system:

  • Salesforce
  • MS Dynamics
  • Netsuite
  • Other

OPTION 2 – Get In Touch

The Get In touch option is for email acquisition. This can be done through newsletter subscription, a sweepstakes to win a prize, or a discount code for your vendors’ website.

OPTION 3 – Learn & Follow Up

The Learn & Follow Up option allows you to keep in touch with your attendees by collecting their email and letting them opt-in for follow-up.

OPTION 4 – Register

The register option is a simple and easy way to get more customer data through means of a sweepstakes or otherwise. An example is below:

  • Name
  • Email/Phone
  • Age Range
  • Gender

Brightbox Charging Station Rentals with Surveys & Polls

By selecting the Survey & Polls configuration in your Brightbox rental, you are giving vendors an exciting data collection opportunity through their sponsorship, in addition to providing attendees with a much needed technical service during the event.

To learn more about renting Brightbox with Surveys & Polls, contact us at Vernon Computer Source. We have partnered with Brightbox to make a streamlined rental experience. Our 30 years in the B2B rental community has allowed us to provide a stress-free rental experience for our customers, with your product delivered to your site, ready to use out-of-the-box. You can also select to have help with installation.

Brightbox also offers SMS Relay, Camera Audience Measurement, RFID integration and more. Request a quote or call us and a specialist will get you set up today!