If you’re planning an upcoming trade show, convention, or other event, a charging station for your attendees is a must. So why not choose a solution that includes multiple marketing opportunities for your vendors as well? Brightbox charging stations not only offer digital signage and panel advertising, it has a variety of other components as well, with sophisticated technology to show your vendors the ROI of their sponsorship. Beyond tracking interactions with the charging stations, Brightbox also offers another set of data from its unique tool: Camera Audience Measurement.

BrightEyeQ Camera Audience Measurement with Brightbox Charging Station Rental 

Brightbox is the first secure charging solution on the market to use its camera to collect advanced, real-time analysis of consumer views and attention times, giving exceptional data-driven insight to you or your sponsoring vendors.

BrightEyeQTM provides each unit with the ability to capture actual impressions – beyond interactions with the charging station –which is instantly analyzed to deliver safe, private and anonymized sets of metrics to retailers and sponsors. This data illustrates the consumer engagement for each Brightbox location and gives a greater view of brand impressions. Clients can expect quality, in-depth reporting to effectively leverage the Brightbox value proposition while also showing the true impact of their marketing and branding efforts. 

It should be noted that:

  • Brightbox is fully committed to data privacy and does not record or store any video data when it comes to this feature.
  • Brightbox does not use any cloud based services, as all analysis occurs locally and is processed in real-time.
  • If there were issues with network outages, units may be temporarily offline. However, they can still run the feature and sync the collected, anonymized data with the platform once everything is up and running again

Rent Brightbox with Camera Audience Measurement

If you’re looking for a charging station solution that couples with smart data for your vendors’ marketing initiatives, you can rent the Brightbox with Camera Audience Measurement, or any other configuration, from Vernon Computer Source. With 30 years of experience in B2B rentals of technology, we can provide you with a custom rental solution to meet your needs in any event in North America.

Brightbox also offers SMS Relay, RFID technology, surveys/polls and more. Request a quote or give us a call for more information.