Brightbox Instant Messaging

Adding a Brightbox charging station rental to your next event not only provides a much-needed service to your attendees, it also provides a unique marketing opportunity for your vendors. There are multiple add-ons and extended features to make the most of your Brightbox rental, one of which is the convenient SMS Relay option.

Brightbox SMS Relay

Opt-in for this instant messaging feature and an SMS message will be sent to each person who charges his or her phone at your event. The Brightbox text messaging tool can further be used to push promotions, websites, or contests in real-time. You can also link to a trade show app, or your event schedule. 

This option even adds a new layer of analytics for post-show engagement, allowing you to download the cell phone number list to contact attendees and ask about their satisfaction with their event experience.

If you make sure to display your social media accounts, hashtags, and contests using Brightbox digital signage, you can further the conversation with your guests and help them stay connected with SMS Relay by sending them a text directing them to the social media contest or promotion in real time! 

Rent Brightbox with SMS Relay

As your event’s needs will most likely be temporary, you can rent the charging stations and still get all of the individual configurations that fit your preference, and your budget. Brightbox also offers Real-Time Audience Measurement, RFID technology, surveys/polls and more.

To learning more about your options, contact us at Vernon Computer Source. We have 30 years of technology rental experience and our sales representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have, including a quick quote.

Contact us today and we’ll have you set up for your next event with charging stations ready to use out-of-the-box. We can even provide on-site setup through one of our trusted technicians.