PlaybackPro Plus Kit Audio/Visual Rental
PlaybackPro software running on a MacBook Pro.

When you have important presentations, you want the audience to walk away impressed not only by the content, but also by the presentation’s professionalism. One way to do that is using the PlaybackPro Plus. These tools take traditional mainstays of audio-visual presentations and turn them into professional presentations that that are impressive, and surprisingly easy to use. Vernon Computer Source is offering complete a/v rental packages for businesses, and we are pleased to announce the PlaybackPro Plus collection – now available to rent!


Shure ULX D Wireless Microphone

Our PlaybackPro Plus collection comes with the following:

  • Electro-Voice Speakers
  • Mackie Compact Mixer
  • Shure ULXD Wireless Microphone
  • Ultimate Support Aluminum Speaker Stand

The PlaybackPro Plus kits are optimized for use with any of the modern file types in the modern Mac family. It is easy to add media, organize clips to play, allow for transition times, and use custom settings. You can save run lists while making top-quality presentations for clients or at larger meetings. All these presentation setups can be done without changing the original files. This allows you to work freely but enables you to go back to the beginning if you decide you’re unhappy with the work, without losing the original file.

Electro-Voice Speaker

If you are new to creating presentations, or if you help others make presentations, these accessories are designed to provide professional, high quality media playback. The controls that are used in presentations are simple to use, and they are intuitive to understand. For most users, it is a quick process to add video or audio components to a presentation.

Mackie Compact Mixer

The PlaybackPro Plus includes options like a remote control, and the ability to use multi-sync rolls. These make presentations look professional while still being easy to use. The Playback Pro Plus kits are also easy to adapt to current and modern Apple systems. Using video adapters or third party converters, it is easy to connect with Macs using high resolution monitors, video walls, video projectors, and professional switches.

Ultimate Support Speaker Stand

The PlaybackPro Plus kit offers quick and accurate access your presentation. With only a quick touch of the button, your presentation is running smoothly and impressively. The wireless approach allows your tech assistant to sit in a non-obtrusive spot in the audience so they do not detract from the presentation.

Want to add this presentation saver to your next event? Let us know that you’re interested in a PlaybackPro Plus kit rental today!