Google's White Paper Explores the Mobile Cloud as Pertains to Tablet PCs

Google’s going so very… main-stream these days. The company’s most recent white paper touches on the popular trend towards cloud computing.

At least the topic is innovative. While many tech companies are hiding from the new mobile revolution with their heads in the sand, Google’s embracing it wholeheartedly. In the dully-titled white paper, “Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products,” Google examines the possibilities contained within the mobile cloud.

The white paper’s primary focus, as hinted in the horrible, horrible title (please hire a more creative content team!) was on security. Security has long been a major issue with the adaption of cloud computing. The concern is so great that it is actually the primary reason many companies have not switched over to cloud-based systems sooner.

When you combine this cloud-shy outlook with a recent boom in mobile access options – it’s a recipe for confusion and caution. Which is of course, bad for companies that stand to profit the most from these emerging technologies — like Google, with its Android platform its host of cloud apps.

The white paper yielded a ton of information but I’ll spare you the gruesome reading experience and highlight a few of the more prominent details.

Google’s got an in house security team that follows certain guidelines to ensure the security of their mobile apps. They periodically review security plans, conduct design and implementation reviews, provide ongoing consultation, monitor for suspicious network activity, evaluate compliance and seek advice from outside consultancies. Google also provides regular continuing education for its employees, ensuring that all of them are familiar with the security guidelines.

There’s one last item of note – Google actually runs a “vulnerability management” program on its networks which is designed to recognize weak areas. These problem spots are therefore identified and remedied… pretty much post haste.

It seems that Google was aware of security concerns at the point it began developing many of its cloud products, and creating an adaptable monitoring system was part of that plan from the beginning.

Google guarantees product security and surety in to its TOS (Terms of Service) – making this staff writer think that the big G intends to make good on its promises

Editor’s Note: When we refer to the “mobile cloud” we’re referring to the usage of cloud applications on mobile platforms, like Apple’s iPad or the bevy of other Tablet PC products out on the market.