DS Mini IPCS 32 charge and sync carts

Did you know that Vernon Computer Source helps businesses with their employee trainings? Hardware rentals are a great option for companies holding classes for employees – whether it’s for training new employees, or schooling existing employees on new software, we help save your company time and money. For companies that wish to train employees using the latest iPad technology, adding a DS mini charge & sync station to your rental ensures that your training doesn’t miss a beat.




Datamation Mini IPCS 32-slot iPad Charger specifications

The Mini-IPCS 32 from Datamation Systems gives classroom trainers the ability to charge and sync 32 iPads at a time. This machine is durable and solidly constructed, making it the perfect addition for a classroom environment.

  • Small footprint; takes up the same amount of space as the charge-only 38 count cart
  • Swiveling wheels
  • Four-outlet power strip accessory with 15-inch exit cord
  • Drill resistant, pick-proof locks and retractable security doors
  • Design makes cart accessible from all sides, making instruction possible during charging
  • Can be easily stored or tucked away in small spaces

We carry the DS Mini IPCS cart in our inventory due to its reliability and value to our customers. Adding this charge & sync cart to any bulk iPad rental for training courses gives you the freedom to charge up your devices before attendees arrive so they’re ready to go immediately. Should any guests’ iPad begin to run low on battery during any point in the training, simply switch it out for a charged-up device and connect the drained iPad to have it charged and synced for the next user!

Vernon also carries Datamation iPhone Charging Carts!

Looking for a solution for charging a bulk number of iPhones? We also carry the “Gather ‘Round” cart from Datamation (model DS-GR-P-S40-SC), which stores and charges up to 40 iPhones at once! These carts contain four removable trays which hold up to 10 devices each. The dividers are adjustable to fit devices with cases or protective material, so you don’t need to worry about your iPhones being crammed into place and risking damage. Interested in adding the Gather ‘Round Cart to your rental? Get a quote in minutes!

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