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Corporate – An undeniable part of every business is the administrative work that accompanies every move and every new undertaking. The problem is that administrative duties require a great deal of technical equipment that is not always easily accessible, or just too expensive to acquire. Vernon Computer Source has a full range of computer equipment and peripherals available for your business.





Camps – Camps are typically seasonal venturse. Your kids are only there for a few months, and then they’re off again – leaving you with some pretty expensive computer equipment to store. And as many camps are located in scenic, outdoorsy locales – this can provide a certain level of inconvenience. Rental vendors like Vernon Computer Source will take computer equipment back at the end of season, leaving camp organizers worry free.





Shows/Events – Our goal is simple – we help your business create a powerful presence with cutting edge audio/visual technology. Vernon offers event tech rental bundles that make it affordable and convenient for your business to get the complete technology solution that’s right for you. 







IT Testing – Renting hardware is a low-commitment opportunity for IT buyers, allowing you to test servers and computers before investing in them. Several situations, in particular, are ideal for server and computer rental. Learn more.

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