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A technology reseller contacted Vernon Computer Source to help build and deploy an image onto 170 individual laptops for one of their customers. Each laptop had a base image, but different settings and applications were needed for each computer based on the needs of the individual user – including HIPAA compliance settings.

What did the client need?

With nearly 200 laptops in the mix, the Reseller’s customer needed an experienced team to handle the high-volume imaging as well as a safe place for the machines to be stored while the images were built. Vernon warehoused all 170 machines for the duration of the project. Once the laptops were imaged, Vernon re-boxed and shipped all 170 machines to remote employees (or 170 individual shipping locations), saving the Reseller valuable logistics time and simplifying the process by distributing them all at once.

How did Vernon help?

As a small business with a limited IT department but many users, the Reseller’s customer needed help with this specified, high-volume roll out. Vernon Computer Source acted as an extension of their IT department, giving the customer the capacity to complete the rollout on time and to the customer’s exact requirements.

Vernon’s team worked with the Reseller and their customer to guarantee that the machines were imaged according to the highest standards, while ensuring that the proper software licenses were ordered – thus saving the Reseller and their customer’s time.

Vernon Value Overview:

Time: By using Vernon as an extension of their IT department, the customer did not have to use their own staff on this roll out. This ensured that their regular operations didn’t miss a beat, allowing their time to be allocated to other high-priority items.

Resources: With Vernon handling logistics from start to finish, the Reseller and their customer were free from juggling warehousing, boxing, and shipping all 170 machines to individual locations.

Talent: As an indispensable member of the IT technology for over 30 years, Vernon’s reputation and team performance gave the Reseller and customer the assurance that the work would be exceed expectations and be done on time.

Money: By shipping all 170 machines to Vernon, the Reseller was still able to get volume delegation from distribution, which they would have lost if distribution was to ship 170 individual orders. The customer also saved money, as they didn’t have to hire any additional staff to help roll out this project.