Desktop rentals for businesses at Vernon Computer Source

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A TV/Media Production Company approached Vernon Computer Source for assistance with an 8-month project during the final season of one of their popular television shows, a 2006 ­–2010 comedy-drama. The Company requested both computer rentals and printer rentals to support their production team for the duration of the project. With the conclusion of the show on the horizon, the Company needed to work with an agency that understood the importance of their scheduling and deadlines.

What did they need?

10 desktop computers and 5 printers were deployed to their New York City location from Vernon Computer Source’s Connecticut HQ warehouse (located in Stamford, CT at the time). The Company noted that they needed to work with an agency that could work quickly and efficiently due to their tight production timetable. The flexibility of rentals allowed the Company to access the production technology they needed to finish the show without the expense and hassle of keeping and storing in-house equipment. The location of Vernon’s CT sales office and warehouse, only a 30 minute drive from the Company’s NYC site, offered convenience and the prompt turnaround they were looking for.

Their results

The 8-month project concluded successfully with periodic communication between the Company and their Vernon expert to ensure the technology continually met the project’s needs. The Company freely contacted the Vernon team with needs and questions during the length of the project. The production project finished on schedule and all rental items were returned to Vernon’s Stamford warehouse.