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Success in the event planning niche requires the ability to organize, market, and execute. And other than being experts at what they do, event planners have to keep tabs on the industry’s news and trends lest they stick to outdated methods.

Today, the digital revolution has made it harder than ever for event planners and executors to know where to turn for information on the emerging tech and fresh ideas. Worse still, they risk information overload.

Are you an event planner looking for inspiration and guidance on the newest event planning best practices? We’ve gathered a 10 sites run by the industry thought leaders that’ll keep you updated on the emerging tech and new ideas in event planning.


Founded in 2000 and based in North America, BizBash is a popular player dedicated to the event industry. Over the years, BizBash has been a crucial resource for event professionals around the globe.

The site offers a broad array of information with a mix of event ideas, industry news, latest tech trends and much more, all with the sole goal of creating smarter events. Besides, BizBash offers a couple of publications that include magazines, e-books, and guides.

Other than the detailed and diverse content offered, BizBash also provides the event planners with significant inspiration for event style, technology and a bunch of tools to assist them in venue discovery, the search for event sponsors, and much more.


Known for resourceful blog Event Manager Blog, EventMB has been the go-to-site for industry professionals. As an event planner, you’ll find blogs on virtually any type of events on this fantastic site.

Usually, the blogs appear in three different event-based categories on latest trends, tech and how to articles. Besides, on this site, readers can find all the latest news regarding the event planning industry.

Velvet Chainsaw

Written and run by a team of experienced and informed meetings and conference consultants, the Velvet Chainsaw Midcourse Corrections Blog offers an in-depth approach to event planning strategies.

Their fresh perspective enables the team at Velvet Chainsaw to offer industry updates, trends and advise in an exceptionally relatable and easy to read manner.


This is yet another comprehensive site best for the experienced planners, offering everything from a digital magazine, a resourceful blog to a webinar library.

Other than that, the team behind MeetingsNet also cover event tech and global events planning to appeal to the different niche groups within the event planning industry.

Eventbrite Blog

On this site, event planners can read useful content. But one thing that makes Eventbrite an integral resource for the users is the trends and insights they offer. Talk about the awesome reads on foods, event industry lingo to the articles covering a broad array of topics and subtopics on everything events.

Social Tables

As an event management platform, Social Tables boasts on being among the best communities for event industry professionals. Just like others, they have a blog with fresh, and frequently updated content in the event industry.

Most of the content focuses on broadening the knowledge of the beginners and professionals alike rather than providing news.


Although Hubilo provides an event management software as a company, they run a blog with super-helpful and frequently updated content. On this blog, event planning professionals, beginners, and attendees will find everything there’s to know right from the event planning basics to the current industry trends.

Event Industry News

As the name suggests, Event Industry News is a platform based in London that focuses solely on the news and update in the entire events industry. Readers can expect to find updates on major events, conferences and event trends from all over the world.

They have content professionally organized content into subcategories. As such, readers are sure to find something fresh and interesting regardless of their sub-niche in the industry.

MPI Blog

The Meetings Professionals International (MPI) is an event industry association. The group has over 17,000 active event pros here to connect, network, interact and learn.

Besides, they have a very informative blog where professionals like you can find lots of stuff like new ideas, tips, and news on the industry.

Smart Meetings

If you’re an event professional looking for trends in the events industry and how to leverage them, Smart Meetings, launched in 2002 by Martin Bright, is your go-to site. In addition to industry trends, they also publish tips on event planning and technology spotlights.

What’s more, the site has numerous tools that professionals can use to find speakers, event venues for their next events.

Wrap Up

The current situation of the events industry is not as simple as you might think. It’s so dynamic, detailed and exhibits widely varied aspects that beginners, professionals, and enthusiasts ought to follow a few thought leaders to survive. They can borrow ideas, keep up with the trends and leverage on them to make events planning smoother. The above sites courtesy of the events industry leaders should inspire you in your event planning endeavors.

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