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If you are planning a large-scale business event or expo, the fact that you will be renting the IT equipment is something of a given. But choosing a company to service all of your needs can be tricky – who can you trust with such a large-scale project?

A little research can go a long way. Make sure you ask these ten questions to help you along the way:

1. How long has the computer rental company you are considering been in business? Age is a testament of innovation – and competence.

2. Where are they located? If the company is shipping your desktop computer rentals in from Siberia, it is certainly something to consider.

3. What kind of technology do they keep on hand? If you’re throwing a lavish corporate gathering, you hardly want your computer rental company to show up with a bunch of dusty old Mac IIs. You want the latest and greatest rentals for your event – 60” LCD monitors, the latest projectors, the lightest tablets. Appearance matters almost as much as performance.

4. What is the computer rental company’s reputation? In this fiercely competitive business, reputation is everything. Consider the clients they keep – are they international, household brand names?

5. Is there on-site installation available? What about other installation services? This is definitely something to consider – especially if you don’t have a tech-savvy crew on hand for the event in mind.

6. What about off-site technical support? If your event is lower key, or you simply don’t have the infrastructure to require in-person personnel, you may be looking at setting up your computer rental equipment all by yourself. Knowing that someone will be there to guide you through any technical questions you may have concerning your rental should offer some level of reassurance.

7. How about customer service? In any business, things can go awry, due to shipping errors, human errors, etc. Knowing that you are going to be taken care of can alleviate any stress you might have concerning the rental preparations.

8. Does the computer rental company have flexibility? If, during an event, you are so impressed by the caliber of technical equipment that you’ve received, you might want to keep it on hand for longer. Hopefully, your computer rental company will be able to work out new terms with you.

9. How about their effort? Make sure the computer rental company you choose will “go the distance for you,” if you call in and they don’t have the inventory you require.

10. Is what you see, what you get? Honesty goes a long way in the computer rental business. If you are promised a state of the art system, you should receive one.

This list was based on the top ten reasons a consumer should choose Vernon Computer Source over its competitors. We are the model computer rental company, offering all of the very best amenities for our customers. We are global, amenable, full of drive – and ready to be of service for any of your computer, laptop, tablet, projector, printer, copier or audio visual rental needs.