What tech do you need for your gaming event?

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Even with all of the great video game platforms available, many feel that nothing compares to playing their favorite games on a PC. Gamers want to make sure they bring the best equipment possible to showcase their skills. At gaming conventions, renting equipment allows teams to get the best hardware and save a lot of money. Here’s a look at some of the best gaming PC rentals for top genres to help you decide which hardware will work best at your event.

FPS – First Person Shooter Games

First person shooter games give players a three-dimensional view of their domain. These games evolved extensively over the years from the days of classic Duck Hunter. Many require the use of strategy when tracking and defending against threats. Most games now include advanced graphics, often in 3D. Alienware PCs and laptops give gamers a great frame rate. That keeps games like Call of Duty playable while minimizing lag. They’re best for games that rely more on graphics than CPU resources.  Take things to the next level visually with an Alienware monitor. They come in a variety of styles to suit any player’s specific needs.

MMORPGs – Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games

After seeming to fade for a little while, MMORPGs have staged a comeback in recent years. Games like MU Legend, Allods Online, and Black Desert Online constantly evolve to keep current players challenged while attracting new blood. These games draw heavily on CPU and graphics resources, so it’s best to use a top-level machine. Equipment from the MSI Vortex line do well in handling the heavy requirements.  Most machines from this line are 4K and VR-ready, further enhancing individual game-playing.

Sports Games

There’s no height requirement or need for athletic skills when racking up stats playing basketball or football games. Players get to shoot like Lebron James when they play any of the NBA 2K games. They can opt to switch sports and race against the best in the world in the Forza or Ridge Racer series. The MSI Vortex line also works well with these types of games for an immersive experience.

Combat Games

Combat games let players become the warrior of their dreams without ever having to pick up a real weapon. In addition to the classics like Mortal Kombat, newer games have entered the arena to challenge players like never before. Players now get to become their favorite Marvel character and take on classic titans from the Street Fighter series. Lenovo gaming notebooks make players feel like they’re right in the arena. Many use a gaming joystick or controller for optimal handling.

Action Games

Action games let players travel the world and the universe in search of adventure. They get to join old favorites like Mario or Sonic or try out one of the exciting new games popping up every week. These games let players jump back into feudal Japan to defend their homeland, or leap forward into the future to fight off an alien invasion. Any equipment from the MSI Vortex or Lenovo lines will provide players with an awesome gaming experience.

Make the Most of Any Gaming Conference Experience

Having the right equipment makes all the difference in the world at a gaming conference. In addition to a heavy-duty laptop or desktop, players should make sure they have all the accessories they need. Vernon Computer Source provides conference groups with any equipment needed to have the ultimate experience. We carry all of the top brands including Samsung, Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo. Call to check and see if they have any brands not listed here. They work to accommodate their customers with any and all gaming needs at a reasonable price.

With six locations across the U.S., Vernon caters to events in cities nationwide and can cover events of all sizes, from massive events like the PAX series or small local events we can help your business prepare. Get started with an online flexquote!

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