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The recently launched Sonos Connect is a large sound system designed in an attractive white color. Set-up is easy and the system’s scope includes streaming services for existing stereos.

The measurements of the player are 2.91×5.35×5.1 [width x height x depth]. The front panel has a mute button and volume control.

The player was originally built to replay music from computers but now its scope has extended to different domains. Sonos’ advantage lies in a simplified installation process which most wireless sound systems lack.

Some of the applications supported by the sound system are Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora and Spotify. You can access music collections on your PC through the sound system.

Many NAS [Network Access Servers] are also supported by the audio system, which spares you the trouble of keeping your computers powered always. The system supports a wide range of file formats which include WAV [Waveform Audio Format], MP3 [Moving Picture Experts Group-1 Audio Layer 3], FLAC [Free Lossless Audio Codec], Ogg Vorbis and Apple Lossless.

Sonos Connect provides a single input for stereo RCA [Radio Corporation of America]. You can connect this input to a pre-amplifier or an iPod dock, to switch between sources. Stereo systems can be connected to the Sonos via the analog or the optical/digital coax. For enhanced sound quality you can use the digital output to connect to the DAC [Digital Analog Converter].

Existing stereo systems are greatly benefited by the plug and play facility of Sonos.
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