Short-Term Technology Rentals for Seasonal Hiring and the Business Rush

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The holiday season is in full swing, and that means your business may not have enough computers, laptops, tablets, point of sale systems, and related technology to keep up with customer demand. Many companies hire seasonal staff and then find that they don’t have enough equipment to provide them. However, it makes little financial sense to purchase these high-end items to use for only a month or so. That’s where a technology rental company like Vernon Computer Source comes into play.

Why Would a Company Need to Rent a Laptop or Tablet Computer?

Seasonal staff need equipment, but that’s not the only reason a business would consider renting a laptop computer. Perhaps every member of the regular staff has their own desktop computer but frequently need to attend meetings. It’s much more convenient to take notes or give a presentation from a laptop computer than trying to set up a desktop computer from a conference room. When it doesn’t fit the budget to purchase laptop computers just for meeting purposes, renting makes sense. These rentals also come in handy when employees attend on-site training or an off-site class.

Community events and trade shows help companies gain better visibility, attract new clients, and demonstrate new products and services to existing clients. Having a laptop computer on-site allows presenters to maintain uninterrupted access to important data to answer customer questions as well as stay on track with their schedule. Since these types of events typically occur only a few times a year, it usually doesn’t justify companies investing in one or more laptop computers. They can rent the equipment to get through the event and then transfer data to computers already set up in the home office.

Sometimes businesses need to establish temporary offices, such as an accounting firm that provides tax services to the public from January 1 to April 15. This is another ideal situation for renting laptop computers for each short-term workstation. Once the business closes the temporary office, an administrator simply must arrange to send the computers back.

Tablet computers also come in handy during peak seasonal rush periods, trade shows, and establishing a temporary office. Their portability makes it simple for newly-hired staff to serve customers or to remain flexible with where they need to sit to complete their work. When working with customers directly, using a tablet computer allows salespeople or other types of personnel to show them products that might not be immediately available in the store.

Flexible and Portable Point of Sale Systems

We live in a mobile world, which has changed the way we buy. People no longer need to flock to shopping malls or office buildings to find the products and services they want. Online buying is at an all-time high, as is buying at specialty shows, flea markets, trade shows, and related events. The solo entrepreneur can’t afford to invest in a high-priced cash register system that he or she only uses for several weekends every year. With point of sale system rentals available, that no longer poses a problem.

A business that doesn’t accept credit card payments from customers risks losing sales to the competition and leaving people with a poor impression. People are accustomed to companies that offer them convenience, and a store or other type of business that cannot or refuses to accept credit cards may come across as second-rate compared to those that do. Renting a point of sale system that enables credit card payments helps to take even one-person businesses to the next level. It allows the business owner to present a professional image even at one-time events in the community where setting up a cash register would pose a challenge.

Printers and Smartphones for Temporary Use

A business owner might not realize just how much electronic equipment he or she needs for the seasonal rush or a one-time event until trying to set up for it. That is when he or she might look around in a panic and realize that temporary staff also need access to printers and cell phones. While desk phones work for most offices, our mobile society often requires sales staff to have a smartphone on their person so they can better serve the customer. Printing needs tend to increase during these times as well. As with laptop computers, tablets, and point of sale systems, it often makes more sense to rent printers and smartphones to get through the rush than to buy them outright.

Vernon Computer Source offers rental of the above products along with many more. Contact us to request a quote.

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