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It is well known by now that investing in your employees is the best way to get the most dedicated staff with exceptional performance. Unfortunately, not every company adheres to the statistics that prove this, perhaps because budgets are tight or because they simply don’t know what kind of return they will get out of investing in employees. They may even fear that they will train their employees only to have them leave the company.

But, as Henry Ford once said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Employee training not only provides you with more capable staff, but it also decreases turnover with increased employee retention and perceived loyalty to the company. It also makes your employees more flexible and better able to adapt to changing markets.

So how do you go about setting up training? It is done in-house or do you hire a training company? The answer is: either. Depending on what kind of training you are offering your employees, you may want to hire a training company in order to do a large group training that a staff member may not be equipped to handle. These companies can come to your location, or may recommend hosting the training session offsite. During these sessions, companies like ours provide the hardware like printers, laptops and other computer rental equipment to accommodate this temporary need.

Once you decide that you will provide training, what kind of training will you provide? What is most greatly needed by the organization and what would be most appreciated by your employees?

Here are some companies leading the way in employee training to give you a few ideas:

  • SAS – the business analytics giant with headquarters in Cary, N.C. among other locations throughout the world, has a “SAS Academics” program for their sales and technical enablement hires that provides both class-based, and on-the-job training before moving into full-time roles.
  • Seattle Genetics – a biotechnology company located in Washington provides its employees with tuition reimbursement, in addition to onsite training opportunities and job-related conferences.
  • Amazon – the ecommerce leader provides its employees with a month-long, intensive leadership program, and it prepays 95 percent of the tuition costs for courses with topics in demanded fields that take place at fulfillment centers. There is even a “Virtual Contact Center” which provides training on working from home.
  • Marriott International Inc. – the famous hotel company offers training to employees both virtual as well as in-person. Skills developed are for career development and cover areas including work-life balance, as well as leadership/management training.

In fact, many other companies provide training not just for specific job-related skills to become highly specialized in a particular role, but training for career development in general as it comes to leadership. This is something that is highly valued by employees. By investing in leadership and management training for your employees, you communicate to them that there is a path at your company on which they can grow. As a result, these employees will have a greater dedication to your company, and will lead to greater employee retention. Frequent turnover is costly for businesses as the startup time for new employees to get acquainted with their new roles slows operations, and frequent startup time will slow progress a great deal.

Is your company planning employee training in management or in a specialized job skill? Are you a training company that will need computers, laptops, printers or other technology for an upcoming session? Contact us to see how we can help get you the technology you require while working within your budget.


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