iPhone X Tests Show Amazing Display, Low Durability

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iPhone X debuted in early November and the market is abuzz as Apple has come to the market with a redesign more dramatic than it has attempted for several years. The last major change was after iPhone 7 where users saw the loss of the headphone jack in an attempt to push more of its users toward Bluetooth. With the iPhone X, we’re also seeing the loss of the home button, removing the thumbprint ID and replacing it with Face ID using facial recognition technology.

The foregone home button also allowed the designers to create a bigger screen, making it the largest display on any of Apple’s iPhones. While there will be a transitional period for new users and Apple enthusiasts to learn basic functionality of this phone, Apple hopes the innovative highlights of the device will help its customers get over any aversions to change, quickly.

Bigger, Better OLED Display

With this new large screen, Apple has brought the same OLED technology used by some of the highest-quality television screens. For some time, Samsung was the only manufacturer creating its own OLED displays in large numbers, so the transition was not as easy for Apple who doesn’t tend to make screens themselves.

Displaymate conducted a detailed tested, and called the iPhone X OLED the “most anticipated display in the history of the world” simply because those who follow this technology were greatly anticipating the switch, as LCD screens are much more limited compared to OLED. Their tests covered things like brightness and absolute color accuracy, finding the Apple OLED outperformed the competition, including the OLED displays from Samsung. Similarly, Consumer Reports found the iPhone X screen had rich, deep black levels as well as accurate colors and wide viewing angles that were a notable improvement from the iPhone 8’s LCD display.

As it comes to the camera, TechCrunch found it to be top-notch, but not significantly better than the leading cameras of other competitors. That being said, you’ll be able to enjoy the photos you snap on an incredible display when using the iPhone X.

Most Breakable Smartphone

Now for the downside of Apple’s latest innovation.  The all-glass phone is not holding up well to drop tests by various consumer sites, which is getting plenty of attention on YouTube (such as this hammer, knife & scratch test video – not likely damage scenarios for the average user). The design was made to accommodate the new wireless charging feature of the phone, which would not perform as well had they gone with aluminum used in the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, this also makes phone a bit more fragile.

CNET conducted a drop test from three feet on its side, which cracked from the corner on the first test. Dropping the phone on its face had even worse results, leading the reviewers to deem use of the iPhone X without a protective case as “out of the question.”

Another test by company SquareTrade, an Allstate company providing protection plans for smartphones, conducted a more dramatic test dropping the phone from six feet up. While this distance is less likely to occur in real life, the tests found the damage to not only be cosmetic, but functionality was affected as well. Dropping the phone on its back shattered the glass, dropping on its side left the phone inoperable, and dropping on its face damaged the TrueDepth sensor array and left the screen unresponsive.

Another, more reasonable test in terms of actual likelihood of occurrence, simulated a phone being dropped from the top of a car driving away. This test resulted in the iPhone X cracking on both sides, and the Face ID no longer worked.

However, in a dunk test the iPhone X was able to survive for 30 minutes. So, if you drop your phone briefly in bowl of cereal, it should still be operable.

The latter tests, however, led SquareTrade to name the iPhone X the most breakable iPhone ever. You can watch the tests below:

If you’re investing in these devices for your company, ringing in at $999 for the lowest-end model, we recommend investing in some protective gear as well, like screen protectors and casing.

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