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facebook's got an e-vending machine for electronics!

Facebook is producing a line of vending machines capable of holding all manner of computer parts and accessories. This is a great idea for many reasons – and it will likely generate a ton of money for its creator. And, for those who only want to rent a tablet and not purchase one flat out – we’re here.

Who wouldn’t use this machine? When you’re on vacation again and you forget your tablet charger at home, now there’s legitimately no need to worry! A vending machine like this may be pricey, but for some people it might just be worth it.

People will use the vending machines a bit less than they normally would a snack machine, probably because a computer plug or IT accessory is a little more expensive. Although, the revenue could pay for itself with each machine making more than enough money for itself, by selling these computer accessories.

I love it, and it makes a lot of sense. We don’t need stores with people to sell us the parts that we already know everything about. When we need a plug, or a piece of IT equipment, we sometimes just want that equipment and not the salesman that comes with it.

Convenient, or inconvenient? It’s our decision, and I think this idea is pretty freakin’ cool. I can name plenty of times that I have yearned for a vending machine like this, and Facebook might just be on track this time. Also, with no salesmen to sell the IT equipment, we might see a decline in IT tech prices! I won’t freak out next time I forget the charger and speaker plug to my tablet rental.

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