Futurekids Brings Computers to Camp

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Futurekids Ottawa is now entering its 15th year of operation – which is a pretty phenomenal achievement

Part of what Futurekids does, that makes it so successful, is bring computer camps and workshops to the forefront of a traditional camp experience.

And its eleven staff members are all Ontario-certified teachers.

According to The Ottawa Citizen, “Their [Futurekids] approach emphasizes small group instruction, co-operative learning and motivating kids to learn and producing a sense of achievement.”

The continued success of Futurekids and its mission is an inspiration to camps everywhere – and a good example of how computers can be integrated into a traditional camp environment.

There are great benefits from educating children in technology – it is where the future is going.

And Futurekids’ approach blends all of the latest software and technology to deliver a program where kids can learn about computers while still having fun.

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