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Organizing and running a professional event can be exhausting. Guests have to be registered, presenters and vendors have to be scheduled and registered, badges have to be made: And it all has to be done with minimal delays for those in attendance. Boomset offers you a way to help get things organized and to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

What Is Boomset?

Boomset is event software solutions designed to help event professionals to produce and manage events in the most efficient way. Boomset offers everything from quick and easy guest check-in services, to self check-in kiosks, to lead retrieval, multi-session scanning and Smart Sessions that help schedule event workshops and sessions.

Guest Check-in

One of the most frustrating things for event attendees can be how long it takes to check in. While it’s great to know what people are clamoring to attend your event, if the check-in process is too slow and disorganized, then those people may not come back for a future event.

Boomset’s guest check-in feature allows you to import attendee information from a pre-registration site. With one click, you can pull the guest’s name, print them a badge, and they’re done! The entire process takes just a few seconds from start to finish. Instead of spending time printing badges before an event (oftentimes for people who may not show up), you can print them just for people who are attending. Because the process works so quickly, your lines will move fast.

Guests with Boomset tickets will scan their ticket, their IDs will detect who they are, and their badge is printed. No searching, no worries about misfiling. Guests are in and out quickly to move onto what’s important — your event.


Kiosk Self Check-in

Boomset’s self check-in kiosks are another great way to speed up the process. When using kiosks to allow guests to check in, one option is to have them take selfies which are printed onto an ID badge almost immediately. The guest has a badge that clearly identifies them, and you have a photo and other pre-registration information for your own records.

You can also collect signatures at the kiosk. Do you have a guest who needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement? Their information can be flagged so that they can sign the agreement right on screen during their kiosk check-in, then they’re on their way into the event. Are they a presenter who has a special request like a prop or tool for their session? You can flag that information, too.

You can make the check-in experience match your brand and what you represent, and you can even customize the check-in process for individual events.


Lead Retrieval

An extension of their guest list app is Boomset’s Lead Retrieval app. Vendors can speak to guests, and if the guest turns out to be a potential lead, all the vendor has to do is use a smartphone to scan the guest’s badge. From there, the vendor can note whether the lead is cold, warm, or hot. Now the vendor and the guest have information about where and how to contact one another. No lengthy notes needed on the spot, no paperwork for the guest or the vendor to lose. All the important information is stored right in the app.

If needed, notes can be added to the lead entry on the guest at any time. Leads can be found again by using the search and filter tool, which can filter leads by date scanned, company name, or priority. This is a really neat way to access important data from an event without digging through paper notes, business cards, or relying on memory.


Smart Sessions

It can be frustrating for guests when they plan on attending a presentation at your event only to find out upon arrival that it is full. With Boomset Smart Sessions, guests can monitor the number of open seats at a session, find other available times for the same presentation, and even get biographies on the presenters. Event planners can have different sessions offered at the same time show up together on the screen, so guests can easily find alternate available presentations that may interest them.

If you’re going to host an event, you want everything to go smoothly so that your guests will want to come back. A well-run event is the way to do that. Use Boomset to ensure that the experience is optimal for guests, vendors, and for you too.

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