CES 2017: What’s to Come in Business Tech

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Imagine the differences between CES shows 50 years ago and today. 50 years ago there were no cell phones, no fitness watches, no internet. Now those things are as much a daily part of most of our lives as eating. We don’t think anything about seeing or using anyone of those things or all three of those things on a daily basis. Imagine what the CES 50 years from now will look like compared to this year!    

Business Technology Products at CES 2017

Some of the things that consumers can plan on seeing for the next several Consumer Electronics Shows are tools for improved connectivity, and tools that make connectivity an even bigger part of the everyday world. Connectivity is not just being able to use a smart phone to check in at work; connectivity means that anyone can be contacted at anytime, anywhere. 

Samsung Gear S3

The Samsung Gear S3 is a smartwatch with TaskWatch. TaskWatch means a supervisor can give employees instructions remotely via their watch. The employee will also have a watch and receives the notification about the project. TaskWatch will also tell the person who assigned the job when it is done. If a supervisor is at a different location than his or her team and needs a task to be completed urgently, they can now find out when the job is done without interrupting a meeting.



Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

This the newest generation of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and those in attendance at CES were very impressed with the new design at the machine. One complaint about previous generations of the X1 Carbon according to Laptopmag.com was that in order to be smaller, but still add more battery power, other features were sacrificed. These things were keyboard comfort and battery life. Those problems seem to have been solved with this latest generation. Weighing in at 2.6 pounds and just over 13 inches by 9, this little laptop is easy to carry and it lasts a long time on a single charge. 

The CPU is Intel Core, the operating system is Windows 10 Pro, the RAM is 8GB and the hard drive is 256GB. All this and the computer is thin and lightweight. Good things can come in small packages, and this is one of those things!



Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

This computer is already one of the favorite laptops among consumers because it is small and has a long battery life. The new version has hinges that allow it to swing all the way back so that the 2-in-1 really is versatile. With the keyboard rotation, the user can operate the XPS as a notebook whenever they want.



Typlet TS1

Something different at CES 2017 was the computer that has the ability to replace the whiteboard at work. The Typlet TS1 projects an image up to 90 inches across onto a wall. The user can still navigate and write on the image with the included digital stylus. This cool little computer comes preloaded with either Android or Windows installed. Good whiteboards can cost hundreds of dollars and can be a pain to move around — not to mention, they can look appear messy to a customer or client walking through your office. The Typlet TS1 stands to solve many of those problems.



Huawei Honor 6X

This is a budget phone that has a lot to offer businesses that need to provide employees with phones. The Honor 6X has a smooth metal body and plastic inserts that provide a good signal. The phone has a power button, and perhaps one of the best things for a business user is its fingerprint sensor for security. The phone also boasts a Micro USB port, and MicroSD and SIMP card slot — not bad for a phone only costing about $250.

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