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Let’s Talk: Event Trends with CadmiumCD

  Each year, event technology becomes more sophisticated and commonplace at trade shows, conferences, and other professional meetings. We have been at the forefront of this as we often rent iPads, laptops, printers and digital signage monitors for these events. Every rental customer has various preferred applications that they will use on these devices whether

Top Corporate Event Venues in Seattle

Seattle, Washington can be a great destination city which makes it a great place to hold corporate events. Seattle is an ideal place to host a corporate retreat where you can focus on both mission and vision, and team building, then there are several great options for team building after the official workday is over.

Must-Have Technology for Every Trade Show

Coming prepared with the right technology at your next trade show can mean the difference between a raving success and a flop. Consider how much more engaged your audience would be if you showed them how your cross-platform product worked on all possible platforms — showing them the software on an iPad, tablet, notebook and PC would

Top Job Roles Wanted by Startups

The perceived idea of who wants to work in a startup has changed. Rather than just people fresh out of college or perhaps still in college, all kinds of people are willing to take the risk associated with working for a startup. Employees are chasing a chance to have more responsibility at an earlier stage

Top 5 Inexpensive Event Venues in NYC

For years, businesses have recognized the benefit of leaving the traditional office location for meetings. The purposes for these changes can be to hold a retreat and refocus on the business mission; or to create a new mission to reflect changes in the market or other factors. Offsite meetings might also be conducted to allow

Utilize Hidden iPad features like a Pro

The iPad is a valuable tool to use at work, and a valuable tool and toy to use at home. A few years ago it might have been impossible for many of us to imagine a machine that would let us research on the internet, watch a television program or movie, share family pictures, or

Engage Your Audience with Event Technology

It can be like a nightmare. You schedule an event—a trade show or a conference of some sort—and people don’t seem to be interested enough to get involved. They stand around and look at different booths, but they are not interested—not really. That might make your event a one-off because it’s a dud. The question

4 Must-Read Books for Millennial Tech Entrepreneurs

Time is precious. We don’t have time to waste, but we also want to be better—better at everything. One thing we can do is to get better is read, but how can we know that we’re spending our time reading books that will benefit us? Things that will make us relate to people better, things

7 Ways to Leverage the iPad in Your Business

Everyone knows that iPads are meant to play solitaire, watch YouTube videos, and do all the things your smartphone does — but with a bigger screen — right? The fact is that iPads can be used quite effectively for business purposes if you’re willing to be creative and recognize the power found in this small

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