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As the tech-giants of the world surface at Computex in Taipei with their new, soon-to-be released products, we’ve been able to get a glance at some pretty cool demos of innovations that will likely reshape our world of IT rentals.

One industry major has made some noise with its all-in-one PC: the LG V300. The South Korean company has gotten our attention as a likely favorite among our AV and Events customer base who come to us when looking for a touch screen rental.

LG’s Executive Vice President and Head of the LG Electronics PC Business Unit said, “With millions of homes using their PCs as entertainment hubs, marrying the best from the computing world with the best from the display world was the next natural step in the evolution of the PC.”

Partnering with Intel, LG will power its all-in-one PC with Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core processors. This is the same Film-type Patterned Retarder (FDR) display that can be found in the company’s CINEMA 3D TVs. The In Plane Switch (IPS) screen technology provides a 178-degree viewing angle with a triple camera system giving multi-touch capabilities.

The company says its “lightweight” polarized glasses will provide the support users need to get the most fun from the 3D technology.

Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of Intel PC Client Group said the company’s 2nd Generation Core processor “paves the way for great all in one systems like LG Electronics new V300,” adding that the combination of the V300’s display and the processor allow for “great performance and built-in visuals to create an awesome PC experience.”

The pretty Korean model above seems to be happy with the V300, so maybe you will too 🙂