9 Rising Tech Startups Founded By Women

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A study published in May 2016 of 300 startups comprising of roughly 600 founders showed the companies founded by females financially outperformed those strictly founded by men. The study, which was introduced to the public in the Harvard Business Review, found that when looking for startups to invest in, investing in those with at least one female founder did better than startups from men only. 

It is too early to know why female leadership seems to help these new businesses perform better, but here are 10 female-led startup companies that are showing great promise:

  1. SkyDeck is UC Berkley’s startup creator and it is led by Caroline Winnett, a UC Berley alum who graduated in 1990. One of the more recent startups is Dot Laboratories which is part of SkyDeck. Dot Laboratories is the only lab, anywhere, that offers a diagnostic test for endometriosis, which 1 in 10 women have. Endometriosis can cause infertility, pain, and lost productivity. 
  2. Anna Vital created Adioma, used to put thoughts into graphics easily and quickly. Vital dreamed of creating this platform for years. She is originally from Ukraine, learned English by listening to the BBC, attended college at BYU and in China, and has never slowed down. Adioma creates infographics quickly by making it simple and intuitive to transfer your thoughts into the computer program.
  3. Qidza is a startup aimed at helping parents stay connected to their pediatrician. Qidza allows the doctor to follow a child’s milestone progress to ensure that everything is going well. The founder of Qidza is Dr. Jin Lee.
  4. Pandia Health was founded by Sophia Yen, an MD, who graduated from MIT in 1993, University of California San Francisco in 1997, and UC Berkeley in 2004. Celia House is the COO for Pandia Health and she has degrees from MIT. Pandia Health has a mission to help women by offering them a one-stop location for medicines that must be prescribed each month, making birth control more convenient, as well as other medicines by taking multiple prescriptions from a woman and delivering them to her home, or wherever she may be.
  5. Vidcode is an app intended to help people gain more of a love of technology by interesting them in coding and technology. More than just “people,” the focus is also to increase girls’ interest in technology. The co-founders of Vidcode are Alexandra Diracles, who started her career as a photographer, and Melissa Halfon, who studied math and has now found a way to make her love of math and computers help other women get into the STEM field.
  6. Indian Moms Connect, or IMC is a way for Indian mothers all over the world to connect with each other. Founded by Preethi, this website offers advice about parenting, children, what to expect before birth, what to expect after, and many other topics, all with a focus on the Indian culture as it pertains to parenting. The mothers who choose to can write questions, or they can offer up answers to help others.
  7. Give InKind is a way to give money and gifts to loved ones who are going through hard times. It is easy to set up a web page through the company so that others with similar interests can join you. It is also a way to ensure that those receive donations are people who really need it. Give InKind also lets you ask for—and offer—advice, such as how to care for a seriously ill person, how to deal with the loss of a child, and other sensitive subjects. Laura Malcom is a cofounder of Give InKind who has worked on startups across many different industries.
  8. Rachel Willmer founded Luzme, which helps readers find out when the price drops on a book they are looking for. Luzme lets readers fill out information about the book they want and the platform or format they want it in, then they get a message when the book goes on sale. 
  9. Hitlist was founded by Gillian Morris, and it has similarities to Luzme. This time, you decide where you want to visit in the world. When the price for tickets to that place drop, you’ll get a message so you can book your trip!

Startups know no gender limitations, however since Harvard found the connection between well-performing startups and female founders, it may be worth looking into these startups sooner rather than later. 

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