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How Technology Has Impacted Presidential Elections

Technology has impacted presidential elections for decades. When Dewey ran against Truman, there were no politically themed websites, but there were polling companies that called to find out how voters were likely to vote. It turns out the pollsters forgot that the country was coming out of a depression and poorer people more likely to

Must-Have Gadgets for a Smarter Office

Technology has become a part of our ordinary and everyday existence. We now drive smart cars that have several computers that keep them running. Our smart phones carry more information in our pockets than desktop computers would have 15 years ago. We live in homes that allow us to turn on lights from thousands of

Want to Rent Google’s Jamboard?

Google is releasing a new product for people who need to collaborate for their jobs. The Google Jamboard allows it users to treat the new technology it like they would use a whiteboard, but it will be even better. An advantage of this product is that these images, notes, slides, or whatever have connectivity and

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