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How to Use Social Media at Trade Shows

Going to a trade show can be exciting as you consider the prospects for meeting future customers and possibly expanding your economic reach. Trade shows can also cause anxiety as you worry that no one will visit your booth, no one will show interest, and ultimately you will have wasted time and effort. There are

The Biggest Gadget Fails of the 21st Century

There are many reasons why technology fails.  Sometimes the technology doesn’t work the way it was supposed to.  Sometimes the technology works, but people don’t want it.  Sometimes the technology has separate issues—safety, or it needs another expensive piece to work, and people don’t think the entire package is worth the hassle. Some failures are one-of-a-kind

The World Reacts to Workplace by Facebook

Facebook has become the first thing people think of when they think about social networks. About one billion people all around the world use Facebook, making it global place to connect and communicate with others. Facebook is the place that people go to look for a classmate they haven’t seen for 25 years; it’s where

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