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5 Tips for Planning an Event in Another City

In the modern era, business is becoming increasingly more international, leading to more and more meetings taking place in another city or even another country than a person’s normal work space. This trend has brought with it plenty of challenges for those who have to attend and organize these meetings and presentations. If planning an

Are You Being Bullied in the Workplace?

Most of us thought that when we graduated from high school, we could start with a fresh slate and we would no longer have to put up with certain immature behavior; especially bullying.  Unfortunately, many people in the workforce have discovered that bullying is not something that is in their past.  Bullying still occurs in

Top 4 Follow Up Strategies After a Trade Show

Trade shows are not only an excellent time to network you and your business with others in your industry, but an excellent time to find out the state of the industry and where it is going. Trade shows are like a culmination of everything that has happened in a quarter or a year under one

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