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The Future of Business On the Go: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro

While tablets are often associated with leisure–devices for light reading and video streaming–there are increasing numbers of tablets targeting towards professionals who wish to replace their traditional laptops with something lighter and sleeker. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro are two devices aimed at this market, and each has a number of

5 organization apps to keep you focused at work

  Do you find yourself losing track of your workflow? Is there something you needed to get done before the end of the business day that you forgot to handle? With as hectic as the work day can become, it can be easy to lose track of what we need to do. Fortunately, technology has

5 things to love from CES 2016

Another CES has passed by, and with it came some of the most innovative (and fun, let’s be honest) gadgets yet. We were introduced to hundreds of new and upcoming products covering everything from virtual reality to robotic butlers and everything in between. With every show, there are plenty of cutting edge and innovative creations,

Top 8 Tech Predictions for 2016

Last week we recapped 2015’s top 8 advancements in tech – this week we’re taking a look at what’s to come! With every passing year, technology seems to advance and evolve faster and faster, and 2016 is already poised to be one of the most remarkable years ever–at least when it comes to exciting new

8 Notable Technology Advancements in 2015

  It’s no secret that consumer and business technology has seen a great many advancements over the past few years, and this year has been equally as incredible. Between the innovations with wearable technology, flexible OLED display advancements, virtual reality, and various PC innovation, technology is only getting smarter and cooler. So without further ado, let’s take

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