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A Look at the History of the iPad

Looking at the history of the iPad – from the first model to the iPad Pro – it’s clear why the Apple brand is synonymous with innovation. 1st Generation iPad The first iPad was announced in January 2010 and released officially on April 3, 2010 in Apple stores and on the company’s website. Comparatively less

What Does the New iPad Pro Offer to Business?

  Apple’s new iPad Pro could be a game-changer for businesses looking for the ultimate in mobile business tools. Its combination of size and functionality make this a tablet that has been designed with enterprise users in mind, hence the name “Pro.” The iPad Pro went on sale just a few weeks ago, and it

How to Save Money on your Trade Show Booth

Your business is important to you. How you appear to others in the business realm is equally important. Trade shows and conferences give you the opportunity to do just that; showcasing your goods and services so event guests can discover who you are and what your business does. Sometimes, however, trade show booths can be costly

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