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Google Chrome silences auto-play

Since its inception, auto-play has been a point of contention for web surfers. Whether it’s an advertisement, video, or audio, the automatic launching of content with sound can be a major turn off for browsers who prefer to read an article rather than have the words loudly regurgitated through a video. Or, those who juggle

How to be tech savvy at trade shows!

Events can be one of the most effective ways for your business to generate new leads and even close deals. First impressions mean a lot, and grabbing the attention of a potential customer while you’re face-to-face can be make-it or break-it when that customer considers your service in the future. Most businesses harness event technology

Top 6 Ways to Use Trade Show Booth Technology

  Trade show booth technology has come a long way in the years that business conferences have evolved and grown. From smartphones to social media and beyond, today’s trade shows are highly connected and offer a more versatile user experience for attendees, allowing them to see and experience vendor offerings in a whole new dimension.

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