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3 reasons to be excited about the Windows 10 release

  After months of speculation, teasers and betas, the Windows 10 release is finally set for July 29. For millions, the release is a formality – the Windows Insider Program let several members of the global community use the new operating system and provide feedback prior to the public release in order to help Microsoft

You won’t believe these 3 places are run by ROBOTS.

Anyone who has seen Back to the Future will admit that they’re probably a little disappointed that the year 2015 isn’t exactly what the movie predicted – no flying cars, hoverboards, or self-tying shoelaces.  But here we are halfway through the year, and we’re a lot closer than you think. We may not have skyways

3 steps to motivating the unmotivated

For most adults, motivation is a daily struggle whether it relates to our health and fitness goals, our housework, and particularly our jobs. Self-motivation is hard enough, but for managers who need to motivate an entire team of people, things get harder. Every member of a team has different triggers, different elements that make them

Am I limited to standard laptop rental configurations?

Picking out the right laptops for a short term project can be complicated. For many business owners, the struggle comes in striking the balance between functionality and price. Older models might have the right price tag, but lack the hardware to meet the demands of your project. Newer models might have the speed, but are

How to determine your laptop rental pricing

There’s a company-wide software training session coming up, and you are weighing the costs of buying laptops for all the employees to use during the classes versus a surprising alternative – renting. Choosing the rent laptops for a training session or any short-term project can save small businesses a ton on expenses, and cuts back

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