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Laptops, HD displays and iPad rentals for events

We’ve seen a lot of things in the last 30 years. Technology may have changed, but event planning at its core remains wholly unchanged. The goal is simple for vendors at any event: attract attendees and convert them into customers. We’ve seen our clients do so in a number of ways, like raffles and giveaways,

Top 3 laptop rentals for road warriors

If you’re on the road and need a laptop with all-day battery and the ability to handle all the bells and whistles that your desktop can, keep reading. We’ve compiled our top 3 laptop rentals for road warriors that strike a nice balance of power, performance, and budget friendliness. Whether you will be on the

Why choose laptop rentals for business traveling?

For companies with multiple office locations and those who do plenty of international business, traveling is cited as one of the biggest headaches in terms of logistics. Packing for a business trip is a lot different (see: less fun) from packing for a vacation, and at the top of the checklist are all the items

Accelerate 2015 roundup: New Lenovo computer rentals & more!

The annual Lenovo Accelerate partner forum took place this past week in Las Vegas, and Vernon had the pleasure of attending! The week was packed with new product announcements (which will be added to our Lenovo computer rental inventory upon release – keep your eyes peeled), workshop sessions and activities that showed just why Lenovo is

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