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Apple re-launching the iPad 4 to replace the iPad 2

Apple fans may have noticed that the popular iPad 2 model has recently disappeared from the Apple website. Until this point, the 2nd generation iPad was Apple’s most basic available model. With the late-2013 release of the iPad Air, it was reasonable to assume that Apple would soon retire the oldest model. So, what’s the

Employers – treadmill desks may be worth the investment

A study conducted using employees in a financial services firm illustrates that it may be worthwhile for employers to invest in treadmill desks for their employees. The phrase “get your blood pumping” (which often gets tossed around to lethargic employees during the dreaded 2:30pm slump) has more weight than you think. It was found that

Why the Macbook Pro 13-inch is Here to Stay

Apple Inc has dominated the technology industry for a good part of the last decade and continues to rule the market with the launch of many laptops, tablets and phones. The latest edition to the Apple family is the Macbook Pro 13-inch laptop. From the past few years, Apple has been dependent on the performance

LG to Display Its 980 Gram Laptop at CES in Vegas

LG has announced that it will be displaying a number of its latest products, including its 13Z940 Ultra PC laptop that weighs just 980 grams, at the CES in January 2014. The consumer electronics manufacturer, which is aggressively trying for a share in the smartphone and computer market, had announced the launch of its Ultra

Is it a mistake for Microsoft to rebuild Office for the iPad?

Some are saying that Microsoft is now lamenting their most recent major decision – rebuilding a full version of Office to be compatible with iOS and Droid tablets. Others are saying that if they aren’t rethinking the decision just yet, they will soon. Will the rebuild hurt Windows’ appeal? The major critiques of Microsoft’s decision

Exploring the Brand New ZBook 14 from HP

The ZBook 14 from HP is something that Windows users have been waiting for since a a very long time. The brand new laptop from HP has premium features such as workstation quality graphics and a sharper screen, features that you won't easily find in a Windows laptop. The ZBook also has many other excellent

First Look at the Proliant DL380p Gen8 Server from HP

HP has launched it's 8th Generation of Proliant servers. The Proliant range of servers from HP has become a popular fixtures in datacenters across the world and the latest entry to the range is certainly a machine that is worth the title of Proliant. The server can not only give you maximum performance but also

Is wearable technology useless?

Over the last year there has been a noticeable push in the direction of wearable technology. With tablets and smartphones currently on the market, there isn’t much room for devices to get any smaller or lighter. This has left a lot of technology pundits wondering: what’s next? It appears that the answer is wearable tech.

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