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Planning Rentals for Back to Work Conferences

It is now September and that means it’s back to school and back to work.  During the summer holidays, students take time off to relax, work in retail establishments, go on vacation, and attend summer camps.  Adults usually have to continue working throughout the summer, unless they are teachers in which case they get a

Mark Hurd Joins Oracle to Launch Servers

Mark Hurd held the position of top job at Hewlett Packard Co., but has since resigned.  Hurd was named co-president of Oracle Corp. over the past weekend.  As a result of his switch of companies, the shares of Oracle Corp. have increases by 5.9%.  Obviously people have interest and respect for Hurd and his capabilities.

Epson Launches Home Cinema 2030 Projector

The Epson PowerLite is among the least expensive full HD projectors from Epson. But the projector does not include certain advanced features such as the lens shift which allows you to adjust the image without having to move the projector. However, there are other more attractive and useful features such as the MHL support that

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