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Types of AV Presentation Equipment

Audio-visual (AV) equipment and tools ranges from simple items like the flip chart to complex machines like LCD or DLP projector rentals. You can get a huge choice of audio visual equipment at both an online store and an offline audio visual company. Here is a list of some commonly used AV equipment in several

How to Choose a Good Audio Visual Company

One of the main aspects that you want taken care of when organizing an event is the entertainment during the event, and more so if the event is to celebrate something. Whether you are organizing a party or a business awards ceremony, the audio visual experience that your audience gets should be memorable. If you

Why Renting Computers is Good for Your Business

For in-house training sessions, business events or to equip temporary workers, smart companies rent computers instead of buying. As the computers will most likely be left unused after the event is over, it makes much more sense to opt for corporate computer rentals. As compared to the big investing required for buying new computers, you

LCD and Plasma Display Rentals for Businesses

LCD and plasma displays are two of the relatively recent additions to the array of visual equipment available to businesses. Visual and audio equipments are an integral part of organizing and conducting conferences, meetings, and other business events. Because of the high-end technology used in the equipment and with some of the best companies manufacturing

New Mac Book Air: Computers as Appliances

Apple has launched a new Mac Book Air laptop that retails for only $999.  This extremely thin laptop weighs in at a mere 2.3 pounds, but only has a 64GB flash storage capacity.  Mac has eliminated a traditional hard drive in order to decrease the weight of the laptop and its running speed. According to

Lexmark Genesis Printer Fits in Tight Places

One issue with a work station or desk always has been the lack of space.  Between the monitor and speakers sitting on the desk next to your open books and papers, to the cluttering of the keyboard and mouse tray, there really isn’t a whole lot of space. In any business environment, it is important

Can Laptops Really Cause Male Infertility?

Everyone has always been warned that if you leave your laptop on your lap, that you could develop medical issues as a result of the radiation and heat that is emitted.  For this reason, many people at work stations obtain desktop computer rentals instead of laptops. However, a new study by Conrado Avendanoshows a new danger. 

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