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HP Envy 100 – Wireless Printing Made Easy

With HP Envy 100, easy wireless printing has become a reality, as this innovative printer offers touch screen printing and allows users to print documents and images without the use of a desktop device. It has an innovative and efficient design that has eliminated features like exposed paper trays and bulky displays. These aspects also

Dell Predicts Tablets Could Replace Laptops

According to a senior Dell executive, hand held devices will gradually garner more acceptance in the corporate world, at the expense of laptops. Laptops are currently used as the primary business device, but Dell's view is that tablets will take their place in the long run.  Assessing the current impact of tablets on the corporate

The New Dell Adamo vs. the MacBook Air

The ultra slim Dell Adamo with its integrated 3G option surely merits a second glance. This laptop is a smooth, high quality creation from Dell, which is mostly known for its cost effective products. The Adamo has no screws on the exterior of the main aluminum enclosure, which lends to the new and almost perfect

Going Green with HP’s Latest Printers

Among all the companies that have green solutions for product take back and similar services, Hewlett Packard ranks the highest according to a recent Electronics Take Back Coalition report. In addition to providing green solutions, the company also offers printers that are eco friendly. HP’s Environmental Initiatives manager stated that this is the result of

Choosing the Best Processor: Comparing Intel and AMD

Every time Intel releases a new processor that is faster and more powerful, AMD follows suit. But that’s not the attitude a lot of users have, when it comes to upgrading their systems with the latest processor, according to an article on a popular technology news site. Although the CPU is a very important component of

Types of AV Presentation Equipment

Audio-visual (AV) equipment and tools ranges from simple items like the flip chart to complex machines like LCD or DLP projector rentals. You can get a huge choice of audio visual equipment at both an online store and an offline audio visual company. Here is a list of some commonly used AV equipment in several

How to Choose a Good Audio Visual Company

One of the main aspects that you want taken care of when organizing an event is the entertainment during the event, and more so if the event is to celebrate something. Whether you are organizing a party or a business awards ceremony, the audio visual experience that your audience gets should be memorable. If you

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