Types of Lighting to Consider for a Play When Ordering from the Audio Visual Rental Company

You are asked to volunteer as a stage manager for a charitable production of the play “The Wizard of Oz.”  Helping with charitable causes has always been something that you have enjoyed doing.  While standing on the stage one day you realize that it is up to you to obtain the audio visual rentals because the school auditorium does not have the best lighting and only a couple of microphones.  You begin calling around to audio visual rental companies and they ask about the type of lighting that you need.  The only problem is that you have no idea what lighting is best for a stage, besides spot lights.

You go back to the drawing board, and come across an article from BooshNews that tells you about different lighting options:

  • “ Ellipsoidal – these lights are the traditional stage lights and considered to be the most important. They are focusing lights, the appearance on stage of which can be altered by shutters and filters.
  • Fresnel – these lights are used for colour washes on the stage.
  • Scoop – basically a floodlight. Can provide a fully lit stage or area.
  • Par Cans – these lights are the type you will see in even the dingiest of pubs. Always a hardy option, par cans can take a beating, are durable and easy to transport.
  • Followspots – these are spotlights used to follow someone around a stage.
  • LEDs – these lights are good for focused beams and have been slowly replacing traditional bulbs in stage lighting.
  • Dizzies – these lights are round spheres with several LED lights (usually of differing colours) covering the surface. The sphere rotates in a variety of directions and patterns, creating a swirling, dizzying pattern, hence the name.
  • Gels – this term refers to the colours given to lights. They work as colour filters, and must work in harmony with the colour of the light itself to achieve the desired effect. ”

Now that you have knowledge of different types of lighting, you call the audio visual rental company back and are able to select the best lighting options.