Two Hands are better than one: Microsoft Pushes Touch Screen Technology

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 05:42 -- Janice

Touch screen technology continues to flourish in the gadget world and Microsoft’s research team is working to expand it beyond the simple point-and-drag model we currently implement with our index fingers.

The latest developments shared by Hrvoje Benko, one of Microsoft’s esteemed researchers, shows the screen recognizing shapes gestures created using two hands—with one as an anchor and the other actively morphing the shape. Users can manipulate the borders of shapes making them smaller, stretched, even rotate.

The researchers coined the interactions, "Rock & Rails" in a video demonstration, of which an image can be viewed above. Benko wrote the efforts to move the technology forward comes from its current shortcomings, saying touch screens "suffer from well-known issues of precision, occlusion and an inability to isolate different degrees of freedom in spatial manipulations."

He added that the shape-based gestures provide "on-demand gain control, occlusion avoidance, and separation of constraints in 2D manipulation tasks."

Eight expert graphic designers tried out the researchers’ innovation and found it easy to learn, and particularly useful for completing a precise graphical layout task.

This too is something we at Vernon Computer Source find very exciting. We currently have touch screen rentals that vary from tablets to plasma TVs, typically popular with event planners and corporations looking to "wow" their audience in a presentation. But who knows, when this technology hits the market, we may find graphic designers contacting us for a FlexQuote.