The Social Science of Facebook On Your iPad Rental

By Sat, 04/26/2014 - 05:42 -- pclapps

Facebook iPad Rental

We all use Facebook and it definitely affects the way we act. We post statuses and wall posts for a reason, and scientists are starting to see what could be a change in our social behavior due to this. Our constant connection with an iPad rental and Facebook could be changing our behavior permanently. We may be developing into needy, attention-less children.

Apparently Facebook is rewiring our brains to use less concentration, and require instant gratification for anything we do. Twitter and Facebook combined are giving us updates and information every second of the day, making it require less time and concentration to give our brains new data.

So there’s a price for our faster brains. We’re turning into little kids with ADD, and a huge need to be loved by our thousands of friends online. Scientists are agreeing that our verbal skills will start to deteriorate, because we communicate so well by text message and Internet-lingo.

The strangest part about this theory is that scientists do not believe this is a bad thing. When they say that new generations are turning into cyber-zombies with ADD, this might be a good thing…

We don’t need good verbal skills anymore, when you can conduct a job interview over the Internet, or have an impeccable portfolio on your LinkedIn profile. Apparently this cyber-zombie change is natural, and the brain is supposed to do this.

So when you spend 12 hours a day on your iPad rental, don’t be so down on yourself. Your brain is just rewiring itself to fit with the next step in human evolution.