Toshiba's Slicker, Thinner Tablet Rental: Excite

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 06:31 -- Janice

Toshiba Excite Tablet Rental

Toshiba has released three new tablets that trim the bulk, and in one case, extends the display to a whopping 13-inches.

Previous tablet efforts by the company, like the Toshiba Thrive and Thrive 7 were a bit thick for the liking of many consumers and business users.  However,  the new Excite tablets have foregone the clunky rubber backing opting instead for strong, slick aluminum with Gorilla Glass screens.

The Excite tablets come in three sizes: 7.7-, 10- and 13-inches, and all come with multiple connectivity ports including Micro USB, Micro HDMI and Micro SD. The 13-inch tablet has a full-sized SD slot.

Running on Nvidia Tegra 3 processing power, the performance speed is clocked at 1.3 GHz with 1 GB of Ram. The operating system, for your Android enthusiasts, is the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Where the tablets start to differ is the resolution of the displays. The new iPad has set a new standard with its retina display, and not all of the Excite tablets can come close, particularly the 13-inch. While its impressive size is ideal for viewing (and comes with a stand for such use) its resolution is 1600x900, which just can't compare with Apple’s 10-inch competitor.

As consumers have continued to draw toward smaller tablets for price and portability ever since the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, reviewers too are most interested in the 7.7-inch Excite. It is one of the industry’s lightest and thinnest tablets at just 0.77 pounds and 0.35-inches thick.  It also features an AMOLED screen with a 1280x800 resolution, which is uncommon on tablets currently in the market.

All three tablets will be available by the first week of June, with the 10-inch as early as the first week of May.

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