Most People are Satisfied with Kindle Fire Tablet: ChangeWave Research

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 06:31 -- Cguzzo

ChangeWave Research, a reputed analyst firm, has confirmed that most of the Kindle Fire users are satisfied with the tablet. The research firm revealed that 54 percent of users are very happy with the device and 38 percent of people said that they are satisfied with the device. Kindle Fire, which entered the tablet market in November 2011, is considered a worthy alternative to other expensive tablets that are also available in the market.

Many seem to have accepted the fact that Kindle Fire is a tablet that is fundamentally different from iPad. One of the major attractions of this tablet is that it is inexpensive. AllThingsD, an online publication which specializes in technology, revealed that 5.5 million units of this device were shipped since November.

But this study is not all conclusive of the Fire's popularity, as there are still some users who have expressed their displeasure with it. Some have found Kindle Fire a cheap, non-functional, clunky tablet that cannot really replace the iPad because of its inferior features. Others found the lack of an up/down volume button an annoyance. Some were also unhappy because of the absence of a camera on this device, and short battery life compared to some of its other counterparts.

But despite these shortcomings, the sales of Kindle Fire are expected to grow further this year. It has been estimated that around 18.4 million units of Kindle Fire will be shipped this year, is still an impressive figure.

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