MC438LL/A Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Ideal Server Option for Small Businesses

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 05:42 -- Erin

Mac Mini, accompanied by Snow Leopard - MC438LL/A– is designed to function as a server. It comes with two hard drives of 500 GB and 7200 rpm. This offers ample storage that can be used by a work group or a small business. It is capable of handling computing tasks quite efficiently. The Mac Mini has client licenses that are limitless.

It allows users to easily and securely swap and access files. This can be carried out between Macs and PCs. The Mac Mini enables the creation of podcasts and wikis (full-featured). The server is ideal for sharing e-mails and calendars among users who are part of the work group. This helps to efficiently organize and conduct small businesses. With this server, users can automatically back-up crucial data. This function is facilitated by Time Machine.

The MC438LL/A Mac Mini model comes with a fast Core 2 Duo processor from Intel and a next-gen 320M graphics card from NVIDIA GeForce. In addition, the server ships with a RAM of 4GB that can be upgraded to 8GB, and dual hard drives of 500GB. Apple pre-loads its Snow Leopard operating system in the MC438LL/A. With it, the server has 64 bit power and speed that is twice as much as that in its older version.

The Mac Mini sports a small unibody form - one that is smaller than that of its predecessor by 20%. It has a square footprint of 7.7 inches. Mac Mini's integrated power supply is enclosed in its aluminum case. This means that users don't have to attach an external power brick to run the server. This is yet another difference between the MC438LL/A and its predecessor.

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