iPad Accounts for More Web Traffic than iPhone

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 06:31 -- Janice

Seeing that the iPad dominates tablet web traffic when reviewing the latest numbers from web analytics firm comScore is no surprise. In the personal and the corporate space, the iPad had been able to hold onto its top position in the industry, despite attempts by many others to contend. 

A whopping 97.2 percent of tablet traffic came from iPad.  OK. That’s expected.

But readers may be a bit more shocked by the numbers where they view web traffic of iOS devices. 

In this space, the iPad has actually trumped iPad.

Here’s the breakdown: of all web traffic, 6.8 percent can be attributed to mobile devices.  Of that percentage, two thirds of the traffic is accounted for from smartphones, with the remaining third from tablet devices.

Now, of all mobile devices, iOS can claim 58.5 percent of mobile web traffic – impressive figures for Apple. But while iPhone accounts for 42.6 percent of this traffic, iPad accounts for 46.8 percent.

What does this speak to?  Among other things, it shows the ultimate portability of tablet rental technology. Yes, the iPhone has a functional browser, but the iPad’s larger display gives it a natural advantage over the iPhone as the extra space makes it easier to navigate.  While it may seem more convenient to browse on-the-go with a phone, the tablet weighs just over a pound and business execs can increasingly be seen walking through the halls with an iPad tucked under their arms.

Overall, the research firm estimates 116 million U.S. residents use mobile media to browse the web, access apps and download content using smartphones and tablets – an increase of about one-fifth from last year’s findings. This can be attributed to increased availability to Wi-Fi networks, where comScore found that 90 percent of tablet browsing was used instead of 3G.