Google to Launch Cromebook Designed to Function Without Windows

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 05:42 -- Erin

Google is set to launch its Cromebook, in June this year. The director of Android Product Management at Google stated that the Cromebook is a tablet that has been provided with a keyboard. The system will be incorporated with features that make it completely web-centric. This is a significant change from the standard laptops, also known as netbooks (which the Cromebook resembles) that come with Windows operating system. It will, instead use an operating system by Google.

Google is attempting to bring features which make tablets and phones highly effective, to the Cromebook. Some of these attributes are apps that are cloud-based, integrated 3G connectivity and ultra-portability. It will also come with extended battery life and instant-on. All these features are typically offered on devices like the Xoom and iPad.

The instant on and web connection features that Google intends to include in the Cromebook will play a crucial role in setting it apart from traditional laptops and putting it in the category of tablets and smartphones. The system will be created by Acer and Samsung, companies that have made laptops that run on Windows in the past.

The Cromebook will have little to no information storage capacity. Instead, it will be associated with the online cloud services provided by Google. The operating system in the laptop will act as a web browser which can be used to launch and run applications like spreadsheets and email. This will be facilitated on the web and will therefore not store information on software on the computer.