Reasons to Rent the Lenovo IdeaPad V470: Keyboard, Security, Design

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 05:42 -- Janice

Lenovo IdeaPad V470 Laptop Rental

Are you looking for an ideal laptop for the temporary computing needs of your business? Perhaps it’s an upcoming meeting, training event, project or other event? The Lenovo IdeaPad V470 is a sturdy solution in a stylish package.

Most reviewers of this laptop agree the aluminum design is both sleek and staunch. Laptop Magazine said the PC manufacturer "has hit a home run with the IdeaPad V470’s modern, austere design."

Its good looks don’t compromise on functionality either, as the V470 continues Lenovo’s tradition of comfy keyboards and accurate touchpads. Reviewers wrote the Accutype Chiclet-style keyboard’s concave keys were both responsive and reduced errors through adequate spacing. The Elan touchpad further performed with "smooth and responsive navigation."

Lenovo markets this laptop as "Good for the planet and your bottom line" with its energy efficient features using several power-saving modes in the Energy Management tool. Users can decrease energy consumption and prolong the battery life of the laptop, while also decreasing the output of the system’s noise by controlling the fan speed.

The feature that makes this laptop particularly attractive to businesses is its security features meant to guard intrusion to critical data. The fingerprint reader and password-protect option for sensitive files add assurance to the user, in addition to the temporary disabling feature of the USB ports, preventing unauthorized file copying. The Active Protection System of the V470 also protects the laptop in the event of an accidental drop.

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