In-Plane Switching Panel Technology a Growing Trend in LCD Rentals

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 05:42 -- Janice

LCD Rental IPS

Since iPads and other tablets have come into the spotlight, the term "IPS" or "IPS panel" technology has become a more commonplace industry term. But what exactly is IPS panel technology?

IPS stands for in-plane switching; a technology developed by Hitachi in 1996 to solve the limitations of small viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction. In-Plan Switching refers to the crystals of cells continuously lying in the same plane—remaining parallel to the panel’s plane.

As tablets have been able to incorporate the technology, so have LCD displays; particularly those large screen displays over 27 inches. According to sources like the Digitimes, the added ability to expand a wide viewing angle has began to resonate with manufacturers after seeing the success tablets have experienced.

The source cites Mitsubishi Electric and Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) having released 23-inch IPS monitors, with Viewsonic additionally indicating a release of IPS products in the future.

According to the writer: "Some say that TV and movie viewing functions of LCD monitors, in addition to word processing, give competitive edge to IPS panel. Others believe LCD monitors are highly personalized products, and a wider viewing angle does not guarantee appreciation from consumers."

We’ll see if the IPS panel trend continues grow as technology in tablets and monitors continues to develop. At Vernon Computer Source, we like to keep our inventory stocked with the latest technology in both respects. While we stock large screen monitors suited to IPS panel technology, we also provide smaller monitors, like the more modest Lenovo ThinkVision L200P 20.1 Inch LCD Monitor.

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